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Changes to Hillington Square Phasing

Having now completed well over half the work on the Hillington Square regeneration project plan, Freebridge Community Housing have announced changes to the timings of the works remaining for those phases not yet started.

Phase 5 was originally planned to include work to Ladysmith House, Farrow House and Vicarage House, however after looking into the best way to complete the remaining work to the highest standard, Freebridge now intend to complete the work on Chestnut House and Aitken House next.

This means that those in Chestnut House and Aitken House will be moving out of their homes later this year, and returning in 2018, with those in Ladysmith House, Farrow House and Vicarage House moving out in late 2018 and returning in 2019. The final phase will see those in Norris House move out in 2019.

HSQ Re-Phasing Comms Marked

Tony Hall, Chief Executive of Freebridge Community Housing said: “The project to regenerate the Hillington Square estate is a large and complex one. With that being the case we have always tried to make sure that we have taken on the lessons learnt from each previous phase completed. As a result of this we now feel that the best way to complete the remaining work, ensuring we maintain the highest standards as we go, is to complete the refurbishment of Chestnut House and Aitken House next.”

Colby Court Joins Hillington Square

#1Freebridge Community Housing were pleased to welcome David Orr, the Chief Executive of the National Housing Federation to Hillington Square last week, to celebrate the finish of the third phase of the regeneration project, namely Colby Court.

The completion of Colby Court is the latest milestone in the regeneration project, following the completion of Millfleet Court and Valentine Place, and sees work on 158 of the original 320 homes now completed.

Mr Orr was given the opportunity to take a look the work happening at Hillington Square, and took time out to meet some of the tenants who had recently moved into their new homes in Colby Court. He was also shown the work that has just begun on Phase 4 of the project, which should see a further 44 homes finished in early 2018.

Freebridge Chief Executive, Tony Hall, said: “As an organisation we are tremendously proud of the work that we have completed at Hillington Square and the positive effect that the regeneration has had on the communities in and around the area.

“Today was a great opportunity for us to share that work with David, but also a chance to show him the plans that we continue to push forward with for the final phases of the project.”

David Orr, Chief Executive of the National Housing Federation said: “I always enjoy seeing the things that Housing Associations do that make the places where people live better.

“Regeneration is about taking places like Hillington Square, where people were thrilled to live when they were first built, and making changes so that people are thrilled to live here once again.

“Seeing the work that Freebridge have done demonstrates the kind of difference that organisations that know and understand their communities can really make.

“Freebridge should be proud of what they’ve achieved.”

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Freebridge Community Housing have announced changes to the Hillington Square regeneration project plan.

Phase 4 of the project (the next phase, which planned to include work to Greenland House, Ladysmith House, Farrow House and Vicarage House) was the largest of the planned phases, however over time it has become clear that because of how the work is completed, and the accessibility to the buildings, it is not practical to do all the work in one go.

So as a result the work on Phase 4 will be split into two distinct phases, Phase 4 and Phase 5, with work starting on Phase 4 in early 2017 and on Phase 5 in 2018.

In addition to this Freebridge have listened to feedback from residents on what has worked well on the phases completed so far, and have decided to increase the demolition on Phase 4 – specifically six properties in Vicarage House and a further six where Ladysmith House meets Greenland House.

Tony Hall, Chief Executive of Freebridge Community Housing said: “This is a large and complex project and we want to complete it with as little inconvenience to our residents and the surrounding community as possible. By approaching the regeneration of Hillington Square in a phased way it has meant that we have been able to learn from the work we have already done as each phase is completed. Splitting Phase 4 into two new phases will help minimise the length of time that people will be affected, and the additional changes will open up the estate and the enclosed green space providing residents with a better place for them to call home.”

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Freebridge Community Housing welcomed in the summer sun with their annual fete at Hillington Square on Saturday 23 July.


Now into its third year, the fete played host to a number of local organisations and charities who came together to take part in the summer celebration.

Charities such as The Mathew Project, The Engaging Theatre Company and MIND all pitched their tables alongside other local companies and charities in support of a fantastic day.


(Sarah from The Engaging Theatre Company)

There was a range of activities for all the family to enjoy including; a bouncy castle, DJ, face painting, a crafts table and many more stands with fun and games.



The Mayor of Kings Lynn and West Norfolk, Councillor David Whitby, was on hand to provide the official opening of the fete.

Robert Clarke, Director of Housing at Freebridge said: “Every year the fete at Hillington Square proves more and more popular with not only Freebridge tenants, but also residents from all over Kings Lynn.


“The continued support given by local businesses and charities helps the event flourish and it’s wonderful to see so many people coming down and getting involved in the fun, it shows the fantastic community spirit that we have here in King’s Lynn and West Norfolk.”



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A little while ago we welcomed the new residents to Valentines Place. And now that we’ve finished work on both Millfleet Court and Valentine Place we’ve started on the third phase of the redevelopment.

Each phase of the work has so far taken around a year to complete, so if all goes according to plan, by this time next year we’ll be telling those tenants returning how we’re planning to welcome them back!


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The eighteenth issue of Your Community News is now available for you to read here.

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We welcomed members of the community along with other special guests to the launch of the second phase at Hillington Square, Valentine Place!

Valentine Place is the second phase of the Hillington Square regeneration project, which represents an investment of over £5 million by Freebridge Community Housing in the local community. The completion was marked by celebrations involving Hillington Square residents along with employees and partners of Freebridge.

Guests attending included Wayne and Gerardine Hemingway, members of the Freebridge Tenant Panel and both new and old residents from the local area.


Delicious food was on offer from the Community Cafe on Hillington Square, and there were a host of craft activities for the children to enjoy. 

Tony Hall, Chief Executive of Freebridge Community Housing said: “We are very pleased to see that everyone has settled into their new home at Valentine Place and are quickly becoming a part of the wider community on Hillington Square.  It’s great to see that the work we have done so far is having such a positive impact.”


Valentine Place at Hillington Square has a range of studios, along with one, two and three bedroom homes available for tenants registered with Home Choice.  Work on phase three of the development will begin in the next few months.