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Earlier this year Freebridge announced details of the final plans of the Hillington Square regeneration project.

We explained that we had a new plan to complete the project that would see us change our approach to the remainder of the project and rather than refurbishing the untouched blocks we will be demolishing them and building new homes in their place.

These plans have been submitted to the Borough Council’s planning department, and they are due to considered by them in early 2021.

While we await the decision regarding the plans we thought we would take the opportunity to provide you with some background information about the companies we have used to complete the plans and the thinking behind the plans that they’ve produced.

If you have further questions about the project please contact Freebridge’s Customer Service Team on 03332 404 444.

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Freebridge Community Housing unveil plans for final phases of Hillington Square project

(Overhead view from the North East.)

Freebridge Community Housing have today unveiled the plans for the final phases to the Hillington Square regeneration project, following the successful completion of the first four phases at Millfleet Court, Valentine Place, Colby Court and Eldridge Court.

The unveiling of the plans begins a month-long period of consultation with the community before they are submitted to the Borough Council for planning approval.

Because of the continuing coronavirus situation Freebridge will be hosting the proposed plans online at and in the windows of the old Community Café building on the Square.

Tony Hall, Freebridge’s Chief Executive said, “Like organisations across the country we have been managing the situation in respect of Covid-19 from day to day, adapting the way we work in order to allow us to continue to provide much needed services to the residents that need them, while at the same time ensuring that that our priority continues to be the health and safety of our customers and workforce.

“Thankfully we’ve also been able to continue to work on longer-term plans and projects including these proposed final plans for the redevelopment of the Hillington Square estate in the heart of King’s Lynn.”

Andy Walder, Freebridge chair said, “Despite the current circumstances we are very excited to be able to let everyone see our proposed plans for the remaining work still to be done at Hillington Square. The project had been paused towards the end of last year to allow us to fully investigate the options available to us and we’ve used that time well. The final plans reflect our desire to offer a better mix and variety of housing on the estate and we feel this will result in ensuring that Hillington Square is a great place to live for many years to come.”

If you want to let us know what you think of the proposed new plans for the final phases of the Hillington Square project you can either email us at or call us on 03332 404 444.

(View from All Saints Street.)

Changes to Hillington Square Phasing

Having now completed well over half the work on the Hillington Square regeneration project plan, Freebridge Community Housing have announced changes to the timings of the works remaining for those phases not yet started.

Phase 5 was originally planned to include work to Ladysmith House, Farrow House and Vicarage House, however after looking into the best way to complete the remaining work to the highest standard, Freebridge now intend to complete the work on Chestnut House and Aitken House next.

This means that those in Chestnut House and Aitken House will be moving out of their homes later this year, and returning in 2018, with those in Ladysmith House, Farrow House and Vicarage House moving out in late 2018 and returning in 2019. The final phase will see those in Norris House move out in 2019.

HSQ Re-Phasing Comms Marked

Tony Hall, Chief Executive of Freebridge Community Housing said: “The project to regenerate the Hillington Square estate is a large and complex one. With that being the case we have always tried to make sure that we have taken on the lessons learnt from each previous phase completed. As a result of this we now feel that the best way to complete the remaining work, ensuring we maintain the highest standards as we go, is to complete the refurbishment of Chestnut House and Aitken House next.”



Freebridge Community Housing have announced changes to the Hillington Square regeneration project plan.

Phase 4 of the project (the next phase, which planned to include work to Greenland House, Ladysmith House, Farrow House and Vicarage House) was the largest of the planned phases, however over time it has become clear that because of how the work is completed, and the accessibility to the buildings, it is not practical to do all the work in one go.

So as a result the work on Phase 4 will be split into two distinct phases, Phase 4 and Phase 5, with work starting on Phase 4 in early 2017 and on Phase 5 in 2018.

In addition to this Freebridge have listened to feedback from residents on what has worked well on the phases completed so far, and have decided to increase the demolition on Phase 4 – specifically six properties in Vicarage House and a further six where Ladysmith House meets Greenland House.

Tony Hall, Chief Executive of Freebridge Community Housing said: “This is a large and complex project and we want to complete it with as little inconvenience to our residents and the surrounding community as possible. By approaching the regeneration of Hillington Square in a phased way it has meant that we have been able to learn from the work we have already done as each phase is completed. Splitting Phase 4 into two new phases will help minimise the length of time that people will be affected, and the additional changes will open up the estate and the enclosed green space providing residents with a better place for them to call home.”

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BLOG - Planning

The final plans for the regeneration of Hillington Square are now available online through the Borough Council of King’s Lynn & West Norfolk here.


The regeneration of Hillington Square in King’s Lynn is moving a step closer with the plans for the project now finalised.

Freebridge have now submitted the plans to the Borough Council for planning permission. The plans have been further developed by mae architects and designers Wayne and Gerardine Hemingway, Hemingway Design following extensive consultation with local residents and leaseholders  last autumn.

Following feedback from residents and leaseholders, the proposals have now been refined:

  • The project will be delivered in a phased approach with Greyfriars and Millfleet benefitting from improvement first, followed by Valentine and Thompson;
  • Through seperating the blocks a much more open feel will be created;
  • Key features of the design will include new staircases with controlled access, made using quality materials;
  • There will also be high performance replacement windows;
  • There will be a quality landscape design plan, and
  • There will be improved storage and car parking.

Tony Hall, Chief Executive of Freebridge Community Housing said: “We listened to resident feedback and have updated our plans accordingly. We want to revamp Hillington Square so it becomes a place of choice for residents, somewhere people want to live, work and visit.

This is a crucial time for the project as with planning permission, we will be closer to getting on site and beginning the work which will transform this area. This is a truly exciting project for Freebridge and for King’s Lynn.”

Alex Ely, Partner with mae LLP said: “We’re confident that our design now embraces the best ideas that came forward from the consultation whilst also reflecting concerns that were expressed by residents.”

Wayne Hemingway said: “These plans represent an opportunity to transform Hillington Square and they have been developed after spending time talking and listening to local residents. We have worked closely with the community to capture their ideas so that we can develop a vision for the site that will bring change to this part of King’s Lynn. This latest stage in the regeneration moves us all closer towards a brighter future for Hillington Square.”

The plans were shared with local residents at a special event on 28th March in the Hillington Square Community Centre and BBC Radio Norfolk came alone to speak to them and our Chief Executive, Tony Hall.

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