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Hillington Square Demolition2.

In the last few months we’ve seen the demolition work completed at Valentine House, so we thought we’d share a before and after shot of the work that’s happened – and also remind you that now the main walkway is back open it’s easier than ever to visit the Olive Branch Café!

Hillington Square Demolition


The physical work to transform the Hillington Square estate has been under way for some time now and things are beginning to look a little different.

One of the most significant changes to the estate began on Monday when the demolition of five-storey block forming part of Valentine House began. A long-reach excavator ‘nibbled’ away at the block of nine flats to slowly open up the estate to the rest of King’s Lynn and dramatically change the appearance of the estate.

Freebridge’s chief executive Tony Hall says: “I am delighted that this next stage of the work to regenerate Hillington Square is underway. The opening up of the estate with this demolition is a very exciting part of a redevelopment that will make a real difference to the area and the town of King’s Lynn as a whole.”

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Not a view of Hillington Square you’ll normally see – this is from the roof of Colby House and was taken by one of our team who was setting up a camera to allow us to film the regeneration work as it happens. We’re going to be using some time lapse photography (where photographs are taken every few minutes and then put together into a film) so everyone can see the changes being made over the next weeks, months and years, and we’ve set up a special page over here where we’ll store the films.

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It’s taken some time to get to this point so it’s good to see the work to redevelop Hillington Square in King’s Lynn beginning!

After much consultation with residents on the Square and the surrounding area, the submission and agreeing of the plans, and then the tendering process to decide on the contractor to complete the work we’re pleased to announce that work on the site has now begun.

Tony Hall, Chief Executive of Freebridge Community Housing said: “I am delighted that the next stage of the work to regenerate Hillington Square has started.

“This is an enormously exciting redevelopment that will make a real difference for the residents of Hillington Square and the town as a whole.”

Designers, Wayne and Gerardine Hemingway who have worked on the project from the original concepts said:  “Working with the community, the creative team have been developing the designs for the regeneration of Hillington Square for a few years and it’s exciting that this new milestone has been reached and that we will all now start to see things physically happening.  This is the next stage towards a more attractive and more liveable Hillington Square.”

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