Freebridge Community Housing unveil plans for final phases of Hillington Square project

(Overhead view from the North East.)

Freebridge Community Housing have today unveiled the plans for the final phases to the Hillington Square regeneration project, following the successful completion of the first four phases at Millfleet Court, Valentine Place, Colby Court and Eldridge Court.

The unveiling of the plans begins a month-long period of consultation with the community before they are submitted to the Borough Council for planning approval.

Because of the continuing coronavirus situation Freebridge will be hosting the proposed plans online at and in the windows of the old Community Café building on the Square.

Tony Hall, Freebridge’s Chief Executive said, “Like organisations across the country we have been managing the situation in respect of Covid-19 from day to day, adapting the way we work in order to allow us to continue to provide much needed services to the residents that need them, while at the same time ensuring that that our priority continues to be the health and safety of our customers and workforce.

“Thankfully we’ve also been able to continue to work on longer-term plans and projects including these proposed final plans for the redevelopment of the Hillington Square estate in the heart of King’s Lynn.”

Andy Walder, Freebridge chair said, “Despite the current circumstances we are very excited to be able to let everyone see our proposed plans for the remaining work still to be done at Hillington Square. The project had been paused towards the end of last year to allow us to fully investigate the options available to us and we’ve used that time well. The final plans reflect our desire to offer a better mix and variety of housing on the estate and we feel this will result in ensuring that Hillington Square is a great place to live for many years to come.”

If you want to let us know what you think of the proposed new plans for the final phases of the Hillington Square project you can either email us at or call us on 03332 404 444.

(View from All Saints Street.)

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