Freebridge Community Housing announce plans for final phases of Hillington Square project

Freebridge Community Housing has announced plans for the final phases to the Hillington Square regeneration project, following the successful completion of the first four phases at Millfleet Court, Valentine Place, Colby Court and Eldridge Court.

Tony Hall, Freebridge’s Chief Executive said, “We were due to start on the final phases of the project earlier this year, but because of our desire to complete the outstanding work to the same high standard as the initial phases and the increasing costs of refurbishing the existing buildings we decided, with the Board’s approval, to pause the project. This has also allowed us to fully investigate the options available including the opportunity to offer a better mix and variety of housing on the estate which we feel would be of additional benefit to the local community.”

The new plan sees Freebridge change the approach taken so far and rather than refurbishing the untouched blocks the plan will now see them demolished with new homes being built in their place, subject to planning approval.
Work will now begin on finishing the details and timings of the final plans which will see residents consulted on in the Summer, before work starts on site later in the year.

Tony Hall, Freebridge’s Chief Executive said, “We appreciate the patience people have shown with the progress of this project and hope that the phases we have completed so far show our desire to make the Square a great place to live.

“I’m looking forward to seeing work beginning again next year and am excited about the fact that as we head towards the finish line, we’re doing so with the very same commitment to providing good quality homes for the people of West Norfolk that we had at the start.”

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