Freebridge Community Housing are pleased to announce the completion of the latest phase of their Hillington Square regeneration project. 

The completion of Eldridge Court follows on from the work at Colby Court, Millfleet Court and Valentine Place, and sees work on 202 of the original 320 homes now finished.

New tenants have been moving back into Eldridge Court over the last few weeks, and the completed phase will contain three 3 bed maisonettes, seventeen 2 bed maisonettes, eight 2 bed flats, eight 1 bed flats and eight studio flats.

Chief Executive of Freebridge Community Housing, Tony Hall, said: “We continue to be hugely proud of the work that’s been completed at Hillington Square, and it’s fantastic to see people moving back into their new homes.

“We are now past the half-­way point of the project, although there is still plenty to do to ensure we complete the remaining work at Hillington Square to the same high quality as the earlier phases. We will shortly begin a number of new tender exercises in respect of the work still to be done, which will see us start on the next phase in 2019.”

Eldridge Court has been named in honour of Jack Albert D Eldridge, a decorated World War II veteran, who passed away in 2000 and whose family has ties to Hillington Square.

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