On the 13th June Lovell held an event at the Hillington Square Community Centre to let people meet their team and ask questions about what’s going to be happening over the next few months.

It was good to see so many people there on the day as we really do value your feedback and continued support. Many of those who attended on the day asked questions about the project and we’ve put all the questions, (and answers), together in the first issue of a Hillington Square News sheet which you’ll be getting a copy of very soon.

In the mean time we thought we’d put the questions and answers up here too, so here you go :

  • Are there detailed floor plans yet? We don’t have any floor plans available at present but we will have them when we start work on each of the phases. Leaseholders will get these in their new leases.
  • What’s going to happen with the green space outside Farrow? This area is going to have parking which can been seen on the planning application, as can the location of the play areas planned.
  • Can you confirm the layout of the front door/rear door access? In the new layout the front door becoming a rear door is an external change only – there is no change to the internal layout.
  • I’m worried about the amount of privacy with windows going down to floor level. Windows in kitchens and bedrooms will be floor length but will have a frosted panel to the lower section so people will not be able to see in.
  • Are rooms going to be decorated as part of the work? This is still to be agreed and will depend on the amount of work taking place in the property. Rooms where decent homes kitchens and bathrooms are being fitted will be decorated.
  • Will there be compensation for the money I’ve spent on carpets, laminate flooring and decorating? Compensation for decorating and carpets will be discussed with you when our Resident Liaison Advisors meet with you to discuss your move.
  • Will dogs still be allowed in flats? We have not made a decision on this yet.
  • Will you be putting new shelves and a new door on the old boiler cupboard? Every property will be assessed once asbestos removal has taken place to look at what needs to be put right.
  • Will each block have a lift? Yes.
  • Will there be help to move my furniture back? There will be an assisted removal scheme, residents will be expected to pack their own boxes when we get to your phase. Resident Liaison Advisors will meet with you to discuss your individual needs and determine assistance when necessary.
  • Will we be moved back to the same flat, and will we stay on at Hillington Square while the work is completed? There will be an option to move back to your own home, where we need you to move we will find you a suitable property from our current housing stock.
  • Will there be external storage for bikes/motorbikes? There will be options for external secure bike/motorbike parking, or you can have the option to rent a garage.
  • Will there be any mechanical / electrical ventilation ? This has yet to be agreed.
  • Will you be replacing hardwall render on the inside with board or traditional render? We’re not sure yet as he render system has still to be designed.
  • Will stairlifts be fitted? Suitable accommodation will be discussed when Resident Liaison Advisors come to see you, if you have a stair lift currently and still require it we will make suitable arrangements.
  • What is meant by ‘some upper units will be extended’? No upper units are being extended in the current phase, some 2 bed flats will have an enlarged window area in later phases.
  • I am in the middle of two properties to be demolished what will my access be? You will have new stair and lift access next to your property when you return.

And don’t forget if you have any other questions then our contact details can be found over here.

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