Welcome to the Hillington Square Project blog.

Because the way the regeneration work will take place over a period of time at Hillington Square we thought that recording what happens with the project would work well with the use of a blog. This is the first time we’ve done this at Freebridge so if you have any thoughts or ideas about the work we’re doing please get in contact.

We’ll try and update this every time something significant happens with the project and you can join in to with your comments / thoughts as well. And if you’re really keen perhaps you’d like to write something for the blog.

Updates and all the latest news can be found on the news page of the blog over here, and there are also pages about some of the history surrounding the area and contact details for everyone involved in the project.

Our partners in the redevelopment of Hillington Square include :

HemingwayDesign was founded by Wayne and Gerardine Hemingway in 1981. They focus on affordable and social design, with a core philosophy of aiming to “improve things that matter in life”

Lovell is a residential construction and social housing expert with “a willingness to think innovatively and ambitiously to help transform communities, and leave a lasting legacy everywhere we work”.